The AP report was good. However, they could have done a better job highlighting Chris “Snake Oil” Doyle’s radical extremism. They should have also made him demonstrate the Calebbizarre therapy that occurs at his International Healing Foundation (IHF). Why not show Doyle assaulting an effigy of his mother, or his boss Richard Cohen cuddling with clients on a couch? This is what these creeps actually do — so why didn’t the Associated Press film these skin-crawling sessions? They should have dug a bit deeper, instead of the typical he said/she said nonsense.

Speaking of nutty — Truth Wins Out reader Bill Johnson sent me IHF’s latest newsletter. It certainly is infused with hubris, fantasy and hypocrisy, with the outrageous headline, “Announcing THE END OF HOMOSEXUALITY, Want to Know How?”

This comes from Doyle, a clown who promised thousands of “ex-gays” for his silly “Ex-Gay Pride” burlesque, but only rounded up ten — most of whom worked with him as paid counselors.

This aggressive rhetoric is certainly a change of tone from the group’s “Coming Out Loved” website, which has a cheesy video where the group’s founder, Richard Cohen, declares, “Us versus them is so over.”

Yeah, I suppose it would be “so over” if IHF simply eliminated homosexuals. No doubt, Doyle and Cohen will retort that they simply want to get rid of homosexuality, but history teaches us that you must get IHFrid of actual, live, breathing homosexuals to accomplish this goal.

What is particularly grotesque about this assertion is that in 2009 IHF sent its staffer, Caleb Lee Brundidge, to Uganda to participate in a conference that aimed to “wipe out” homosexuality. And now they are openly promoting “the end of homosexuality.” To add some irony, Brundidge appeared in another corny IHF video where he held up a sign that read, “I love hanging out with gays.” Given his work in Uganda, I’m surprised the sign didn’t simply drop the “out with.” (And won’t he miss hanging out with us once we are eliminated?)

Have you ever seen a more duplicitous bunch of hypocrites in your life? In fact, Voice of the Voiceless (same group as IHF with a different name) writer, Nathan Ruark, actually admitted the two-faced strategy this month when he wrote on the group’s website, If we are to change the way our society is going, we need to adapt to our current social environment and use the legalization of tolerance and non-discrimination to our advantage.”

There is no depth too low for these charlatans.