(Michael Key / Washington Blade)

Linda Harvey, expert on absolutely nothing. (Michael Key / Washington Blade)

We ought to finish the week on a high note, and laughing at Linda Harvey’s nonsense typically kicks off the endorphins in my brain, so let’s go with that:

Linda Harvey doesn’t understand why gay people won’t simply admit that they are lying about their sexual orientation and choose to be straight. “The main reason people now believe some are born homosexual is because those who are currently committed to and want to continue this conduct say so,” the Mission America host lamented.

“If the person really wants the truth” about why he or she is gay, Harvey said, they would realize it is almost related to tragedies “from child molestation

I was never molested.

to other traumatic childhood experiences in childhood to neglectful, disordered or abusive parents.”

My parents are such nice, attentive, Christian, upper-middle class, Republican folks. I sincerely have no idea what the hell she is talking about. Does she really believe that if she always pins it on those sorts of situations, that she can deny out of  existence the fact that millions of LGBT people come out of families that Linda would consider the epitome of wholeness?

I hate to beat a dead horse, but we know from grown-up scientists and researchers that Linda’s beliefs are simply incorrect. Some people, gay and straight, come from broken homes or were victims of childhood sexual abuse. Many people, gay and straight, come from homes like the one I grew up in. Linda is simply being her usual, vile self when she cheapens the tragic experiences undergone by some in order to paint the LGBT community as disordered.