russiaOn September 3, All Out is sponsoring a series of events around the world to Speak Out For Russia, in advance of world leaders meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin. The goal is for thousands to gather around the world in a show of solidarity with the oppressed minorities of Russia, those who are suffering under the increasingly totalitarian Putin regime. The following events are happening September 3:

  • Asunción, Paraguay – September 3: Click here
  • Barcelona, Spain – September 3: Click here
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – September 3: Details to come
  • Dublin, Ireland – September 3: Click here
  • Galway, Ireland – September 3: Click here
  • Gothenburg, Sweden – September 3: Click here
  • La Paz, Bolivia – September 3: Details to come
  • London, UK – September 3: Click here
  • Madrid, Spain – September 3: Click here
  • Manchester, UK – September 3: Click here
  • Mexico DF – September 3: Click here
  • Monterrey, México – September 3: Click here
  • Naples, Italy – September 3: Click here
  • New York, USA – September 3: Click here
  • Ottawa, Canada – September 3: Details to come
  • Seattle, USA – September 3: Click here
  • Toronto, Canada – September 3: Click here
  • Valencia, España – September 3 Click here
  • Vancouver, Canada – September 3: Click here

Truth Wins Out is in partnership with All Out for this event, along with GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign and the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

If there isn’t an event near you, All Out has instructions for creating your own:

1. Search online to find a good place to hold your event. If you’re in a city, perhaps there’s a Russian Embassy. Your parliament, city chambers or even town square could also be good places to meet.

2. Decide on an exact time and place to meet – pick a place that’ll be easy for people to find. Make sure it’s after office hours on Tuesday 3 September.

3. Search online if your local authority requires you to get a permit of any kind, it varies from country to country and place to place.

4. Set up a Facebook event (instructions) and email the link to Invite all your Facebook friends and tell everyone you know by phone and email! Not everyone uses Facebook, but All Out doesn’t have a way to set up events on our website yet, so it’s probably the best way we have for now of spreading the word about an event.

They also suggest that, if you have any other questions, to please visit All Out’s Facebook page. You can also click here to download and print out a “Speak Out For Russia” or “Love Always Wins” poster to commemorate the event.

Let us know if you’re able to participate in or set up an event for this important cause! If September 3 is too soon, note also that other events are being set up for other dates in September, and you can find more info on that at the All Out website.