If you’re planning to go to  the “First Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Dinner And Reception” (at least they stopped pretending “pride” was in any way involved), you’d better bring your checkbook, because it’s not cheap:


Wow, for a mere $5,000, nineteen of my close friends and I can sit right up close to Christopher Doyle himself? Is there any guarantee he won’t try to run away? Is there any possibility he’ll answer that little question we’ve been asking?

Prediction time:  ain’t nobody gonna show up to this thing, and the price points are so high as a ready-made excuse for the inevitable low attendance. Doyle, Greg Quinlan and Richard Cohen could save themselves a lot of money if they stopped believing their own nonsense and just went to Denny’s together some night during dinner rush. At least then they wouldn’t have to deal with the crushing defeat of an empty room and might (might!) be able to get a few unsuspecting diners to take pictures with them.

[h/t Jeremy]