"Go 'way! I gotta go cancel ex-gay pride again!"

“Go ‘way! I gotta go cancel ex-gay pride again!”

On July 31, “ex-gays” from around the world (ten of them, mostly people who are being compensated to be publicly “ex-gay”) congregated in Washington DC for the culmination of the First Annual “Ex-Gay” Pride Month And Sashaying Expo. Well, actually, the “Ex-Gay” Pride Month part of the festivities had been cancelled a couple weeks before, due to likely made-up claims of threats and harassment by mean gays. Knowing the victim mentality of the professional “ex-gay” set, “threats and harassment” is probably tantamount to “Truth Wins Out made fun of us in a blog post,” but that’s neither here nor there. I described the July 31 event like this:

Christopher Doyle, the Uncle Fester of the “ex-gay” industry, who won’t tell us how old the girls were that he tried to have sex with at his mother’s daycare, threw the party, and Greg Quinlan of PFOX showed up (but NOT in a “flaming faggot” way), and so did Doyle’s colleague Richard Cohen, and also Douglas McIntyre of Homosexuals Anonymous! Together they spoke to four or five other people and then they left.

Also, they debuted their new “ex-gay” cheer, the musical genre of which can only be described as “arrhythmia with a dose of shame.”

Of course, Christopher Doyle’s read on the event was much sunnier, as he boldly pronounced that the turn-out had surpassed his expectations to the tune of one-thousand percent. Extolling the fact that ten to twelve people showed up, Doyle explained:

But let’s imagine double that number showed up, or maybe 50, or perhaps even 100. Would that be enough? For anti-ex-gay extremists, it would not. In my view, it is significant in our current anti-ex-gay climate that even ONE former homosexual is willing to share their experience and speak out publicly. So why do activists make such a big deal over the numbers? The reason is because they want to make it seem like the only ex-gays who are vocal are a small group of profiteers that are fooling vulnerable individuals; in essence, they claim we are liars and charlatans that are misleading others.

But what they do not realize is that it only takes ONE ex-gay that has changed to put a wrench in the “born that way, cannot change” strategy they are using to deceive the public. The fact is, these activists cannot handle the existence of ONE person who says they have experienced change from same-sex attraction to opposite sex attraction, much less nine of us telling our stories at one time. So they need to mock, belittle, and downplay the significance of yesterday’s events. That is why there is so much anger. So much intimidation. So much disrespect. So much harassment.

Apparently Whiny Boo Boo was only counting on his own attendance at the event.

Anyway, we are pleased to inform everyone that Christopher Doyle and D.L. Foster have absolutely no self-awareness, and are going to give this thing another go in September. Until they wuss out and cancel again, here’s the 411:

SEPTEMBER 29-30, 2013


As a part of the First Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Month in our nation’s schools, Voice of the Voiceless and Equality and Justice for All are pleased to announce a lobbying day and evening dinner on September 30, 2013! More details to come in August.

Event Details

September 29, 2013 (7:00pm – 9:00pm) – Pre-Event Day Get Together and Lobbying Education Training (Location to be disclosed when you register)

September 30 (9:00am – 4:00pm) – Lobbying Congress and Senate on Capitol Hill (Appointments made on your own)

September 30 (6:00pm – 9:00pm) – Ex-Gay Awareness Dinner (Speakers TBA)

Travel Information

Out of town participants should fly into Reagan National Airport. The hotel provides complementary transportation to and from Reagan National Airport.

Everything is being conducted in secret because A. Threats and harassment that don’t exist and B. it’s very likely that this event will not happen.




fosterNow, when I say it might be cancelled again, I’m not just making fun of them. Indeed, D.L. Foster, on the Voice of the Voiceless website, explained yesterday that the event might not come to fruition, due to the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Apparently his words were deemed to crazy to stay on the internet, as it has now been deleted, but Right Wing Watch got it:

The assassination of DADT created an even larger, more critical issue for the military who right now is a general with no clothes on. One is that its given this unchecked, almost covert power, to a group of people who demonstrated numerous times that they want revenge for the perceived and real injustices done to them by their heterosexual neighbors. Sure, its been conveniently called “equality,” but we needn’t look any further than the growing rash of anti-church, anti-ex-gay laws and policies being rushed to the front lines as evidence that revenge is a motive.

Just look at the venomous language used by gay-hatchet group “Truth Wins Out” (ironic I know) and its commentators, and the case is closed.

*takes a bow*

“Secondly, giving “sexual orientation” unofficial power offset the very balancing nature of the UCMJ. The UCMJ was an equalized to all sexual lifestyles that carried a threat to the good discipline and order within the ranks. It kept in check adultery, fraternization, and homosexuality, at least to the degree that we all felt equal under military law.

“But now, homosexuality has the “get out of jail” free card while the other proclivities are still in stripes. That’s patently unfair. It’s an unspoken belief that soon because the filed will need to be leveraged, other sexual activities will go the way of homosexuality and be sanctified. Then something Al Qaeda can’t do will be accomplished by our own hands.”

I don’t get it. If somebody can translate D.L.’s writing into English, that’d be great. My best guess is that he’s saying that the gays have destroyed the military (there’s no evidence for that outside the fever swamps of the wingnut mind), but that, despite having been decimated, the military will now come after “ex-gays” or something like that, which sounds to me like playing Whack-A-Mole on a broken machine in a closed down Chuck-E-Cheese, so I don’t know why the military would be interested in that.

Whatever it takes to keep D.L.’s victim mentality charging full-speed ahead, we suppose.

Have fun at your big party in September, “ex-gays!” Or don’t! I mean, if you’re not ready…

There’s always November?