brakeyFile this under, “The Fact That You’re Freaking Out Tells Us A Lot About Your Inner Demons, Sir.”

Mike Hein, who used to be Mike Heath’s trusty sidekick at the Christian Civic League of Maine, before Heath was swiftly thrown up into the attic by the more polished and well-spoken anti-gay factions in the state, still apparently exists in Maine politics. Who knew?

And, of course, he’s still having bizarre reactions to the world around him. Today, he’s freaking out over the fact that a Republican Maine Senate candidate named Eric Brakey was featured in a commercial for Vita Coco Coconut Water, dancing in a Speedo. You see, Brakey is an actor by training, and sometimes people who are actors do commercials, and sometimes they involve silly things like dancing around in Speedos. If you are a normal, healthy human being, this is of no consequence to you.

But if you’re a socially awkward prude of the Mike Heath/Mike Hein variety, you are absolutely losing it right now, and you do not understand why the guy in the Speedo is looking like the normal one in this situation:

Eric Brakey, a New Gloucester resident and Republican who recently announced his candidacy for state Senate District 15, said a video circulating on the conservative website As Maine Goes and criticized by some activists was an outtake of a commercial for Vita Coco Coconut Water, a drink sold in stores across the country.

Brakey, an actor by profession, also appears in the full-length commercial dancing in a Speedo in front of a mirror. Other Speedo-clad men also appear in different scenes of the commercial dancing the Brazilian Samba dance in what is designed to be a comedic performance.

Brakey said that he appeared in the spot while acting in New York City. “It was a great, fun opportunity,” he said. “It was a comedy piece to promote the product.”

An altered outtake of the video featuring only Brakey was posted on As Maine Goes and circulated to the media and church pastors by Mike Hein, a former employee of the Christian Civic League, who is critical of homosexuals. The video has been altered to freeze and rewind certain moves performed by Brakey, including a cartwheel.

Hein, in his email, wrote that Brakey looked as if he was a “demon possessed.” Hein, responding an inquiry by the Portland Press Herald, said he did not alter the video and didn’t know who had.

Yes, that’s right, Mike Hein believes that a video of a man dancing in a Speedo looks “demon possessed.” And Mike really doesn’t understand why his side has lost the “culture war,” does he?

Brakey, for his part, doesn’t seem fazed:

“It shows that I’m a full human being with more experience than just working in politics,” Brakey said. “I think that’s something that people want. It shows I’m not just a career politician.”

He added, “People need to know who I am. I’m a professional actor. I worked for two years in New York City and (have a college degree in theater).”


“If there’s people offended by comedy then I won’t tell them to see Monty Python’s ‘Spamalot,’ ” Brakey said. “There’s probably a lot more to be offended by in ‘Spamalot’ than this commercial.”

I don’t know about Brakey’s politics, but he sounds like a lot healthier individual than Hein, especially when you click to page two of the above article and read Hein’s full reaction:

Hein, who circulated the video with a message to pastors, posted a comment on Brakey’s YouTube channel mocking Brakey.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Mr. ‘Family Values Matter’ State Senate candidate himself flamboyantly prancing around in his underwear,” Hein wrote.

Hein, a former legislative candidate, has been largely marginalized by Republicans for his strident views about homosexuality and previous attacks against others in his party.

Mike:  seek professional help.

For the rest of the country who are not Mike Hein, Mike Heath, Porno Pete, the “One Million” Moms (maybe they can start a petition to “get YouTube cancelled” over this), or any of that colorful cohort, here are the videos in question. First, the edited outtakes, which Hein thinks are “demon-possessed,” and then the full commercial.