opA report from the Spectrum Human Rights Alliance states that the victim pictured to the right, who was tortured by the Russian Neo-Nazi group known as Occupy Pedofilyaj, has died from his injuries. The ostensible purpose of the group is to root out pedophiles, but reports state that their targets have tended to be Russian LGBT teens, lured through the social media site VK.com.

According to the human right activist, Dr. Valentin Degtyarev, MD, who closely monitors infamous Neo Nazi group “Occupy Pedofilyaj”, the Uzbek victim shown on this photo tragically died as a result of numerous tortures.  No arrests have been made and no charges were pressed. Putin’s law enforcement seems to fully condone these actions.  Moreover, Dr. Degtyarev’s numerous written complains to the authorities only resulted in his own persecution and threats directed at him and his 72 years old mother.  In the official correspondence from the local District Attorney office and Governor’s office it was explained that Russian authorities do not see any wrongdoings in the video clips or photographs posted by Neo Nazi group “Occupy Pedofilyaj.” Actually, the authorities referred to this group as one of the  “civil movements fighting the sins of the society.”

Video has also been released of the torture of a brave LGBT rights activist named Artem Gorodilov:

This LGBT rights activist was kidnapped in the middle of the night and brought to the local cemetery in Kamensk-Uralsky city (Sverdlovsk district). He was tortured and bullied there for being gay, spreading “gay propaganda” on the Internet and complaining about this hate group to the authorities. Eventually this Nazi group dismantled a huge wooden cross from one of the graves nearby and made Mr. Gorodilov to run with it for his life while being chased by their car. This incident caught attention of the local branch of the Russian Orthodox church who thought that the Nazi group displayed a disrespect to the Holy Cross and offended feelings of their believers thus the church representatives complained to the police.As a result, these Nazi group was brought by the police for questioning and immediately released.

In the video, which, as is usual with anything coming out of the Russian state these days, you may not want to watch, amidst the torture, Gorodilov is taken to the grave of another one of the group’s victims, who was driven to suicide by the group:

In another video at the Spectrum Human Rights Alliance site, the same activist is shown being bullied in broad daylight and having urine thrown on him.

And again, the Putin regime is not only letting this happen, but thumbing their noses at the civilized world. It’s amazing that they think they’re qualified to host the Olympic Games.

This would be a good time, if you haven’t already, to sign and share our petition asking the NBC family of networks to ensure that the world will hear the true story of Russia during the Sochi Olympics, by adding Rachel Maddow to their coverage team as a special Human Rights Correspondent. Russia wanted the spotlight. Let’s give it to them. If the Olympics remain where they are, on schedule, we need assurance that NBC will do their journalistic duty. SIGN THE PETITION.