People shouldn’t be voting on civil rights, but it’s still nice to see that, when full federal marriage equality comes to the United States, we won’t have to wait for the majority to come around in support. A new Gallup poll shows that fifty-two percent of Americans would vote for federal marriage equality:


The breakdown is interesting, in that it shows exactly how many demographics have come over to the side of fairness and equality:


In short: only one region of the country is an outlier in not supporting marriage equality, but the South is still over forty percent in support. That number will flip before too long. The only age group that doesn’t support equality is those over fifty-five, and the Religious Right’s belief that the younger age groups will “become more conservative” on the issue as they age is a pipe dream. And of course, Republicans and Conservatives are still way behind, but that’s nothing new. It’s starting to hurt them in elections, too.

So, great news. Hey, NOM: when’s the last time a poll was released that showed your side winning?