As you may have heard, a new group of bizarrely sex-obsessed and prudish men have gotten together to create an alternative organization to the Boy Scouts of America, due to the BSA’s decision to allow openly gay scouts. Surely, this new group, “Youth Adventure,” will end up with two or three chapters led by some of the strangest men in the United States millions of members, and the boys will learn everything they’ll ever need to know about their parents’ disturbing obsession with what goes on in other people’s bedrooms how to tie non-gay knots. Jeremy found this handy comparison chart the group is providing to show us all just how much they hate gay people.


Lovely. Porno Pete is really excited about this new group. Maybe he can be a leader and teach the boys how to take pictures at leathersex festivals, and they can earn merit badges! Wouldn’t you love to have an opportunity to let your child spend an hour or two a week with Porno Pete and his friends?