Pat Robertson just after saying the words "the way they do sex."

Pat Robertson just after saying the words “the way they do sex.”

We all were reeling a little bit this morning, after the Pope said something halfway nice about gays (The Onion, right on cue, responded beautifully) and Pat Robertson said transgender people exist and aren’t going to hell. Obviously, hell froze over this morning.

Don’t worry, though: Pat Robertson is apparently taking the Iranian government’s position on the various components of the LGBT community. While transgender people might exist and “who am I to judge?”, Pat Robertson is certain that gays are going to just ruin everything, and that the poor fundamentalist Christians are going to have to go to jail for being so “loving” to gays, by telling them that they are hellbound sinners. They just don’t want us to go to hell, you see, and because they actually believe that such a thing exists, and that that’s where the gays go, blah blah blah, Pat’s still bonkers:

Following CBN reporter Paul Strand’s heavily slanted report where he claimed that gay rights may be “biggest threat to religious liberty in all of America’s history,” Pat Robertson went on to argue that the gay community is on a mission to “destroy the church if need be, then to destroy the military if need be, then to destroy marriage if need be, then to destroy businesses if they need be.” He said that the gay rights advocates won’t stop until “the way they perform sex acts is acceptable” in society and turn America into Ancient Rome, “where sexual morality had gone out the window.”


He asked: “If there are 100 million Christians in America, maximum two percent of the population are homosexual and one percent are lesbian, is that minority going to destroy all of the foundations of the morality of the majority?”

Robertson said that Christians may soon be imprisoned over their “loving” anti-gay stance.

“If you see somebody who is not going to go to Heaven and you really love him you want to do what it takes to get him into Heaven, if you don’t care about him you let him go to Hell,” Robertson continued. “We are a people who love and yet now your love is going to put you in jail because the people who are going to Hell feel their lifestyle—think, ‘well, we want to be affirmed.’”


Fair warning: in the following clip, Pat Robertson again uses the phrase “the way they do sex.”