"Donkeys all the time on top of each other," said Mugabe. Jekesai Njikizana/Getty Images)

“Donkeys all the time on top of each other,” said Mugabe. Jekesai Njikizana/Getty Images)

The other day, we reported that Archbishop Desmond Tutu, one of the most respected men, and one of the most respected Christians, in the world, stated that he would not worship a homophobic god, and indeed, that he’d rather go to hell than go to heaven and put up with that nonsense. (I’m paraphrasing.) Warlord dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe apparently has an opinion on this. Warlord say what?

“Archbishop Tutu said it is nice to be gay, yet he has a wife, he should have begun by getting himself a man for a woman. When you are a bishop and cannot interpret the Bible, you should resign and give it to those who can. We will not compromise our tradition and tolerate homosexuality. I want to urge parents to be careful with your teenage children who are 17 years and older not to be swayed into this act as children are easily persuaded to accept it. During creation, God made Adam and saw that he was lonely, and he created Eve out of Adam’s rib and not another man. Animals are better off as they know who to mate with. Everyone knows what to do, even animals know which animal to mate with, goats know where to go, and cows know where to go too. We see donkeys all the time on top of each other, why can’t you humans do the same?

Mugabe thinks he has a better grasp on the Bible than Tutu.


Of course, putting aside the fact that homosexuality is extremely prevalent in the animal kingdom, I’m glad that Mugabe is willing to ask the question that’s on all of our minds: why can’t humans be like “donkeys all the time on top of each other?”

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