I will soon demolish a shallow op-ed written by North Star International co-founder Jeff Bennion for The New York Post todayIn his piece, he shamefully defends JONAH’s sexually abusive therapy while noticeably failing to point out the bizarre practices of JONAH-affiliated therapists.

However, while researching, I couldn’t help but notice how remarkably hot the “ex-gay” minsters are at North Star International. I’m not sure whose responsible for their hiring, but he certainly has good — and consistent — taste. Although, I’m not sure how useful hiring sexy models is for a ministry whose primary goal is to help sexually frustrated men manage their temptations.

Meet the lovely, fresh-faced staff that will help you pray away the gay. Let us know which one you’d prefer to have as your, ahem, prayer partner:

Jeff Bennion, Past President, Vice President of Leadership Development

Northstar Bennion








Ty Mansfield, Vice President of Online Outreach and Communications

Northstar Mansfield








Tyler Moore, Vice President of Events and Conferences

Northstar moore









Kerry Harding, Vice President of Fundraising

North Star Harding









There is an important reason I’m writing about this.

Only a naive fool would believe that hiring so many cute boys — of a similar type on a small staff — would be a matter of chance. Sometimes, a few revealing pictures say more than countless hours in the library doing “ex-gay” research. I have no idea if these guys are sleeping with each other. However, I wonder how comfortable their wives are leaving their “struggling” husbands alone in the woods at “ex-gay” retreats?