Oh, goodness, the “ex-gay” loons responsible for the failure of the failed “Ex-Gay” Pride event, which surely would have drawn four very excited people to Washington DC for the purpose of lying to themselves in unison, are really going off the rails! Under the headline, “DL Foster is an exhomosexual abolitionist,” he has posted this poster of himself:


It is officially impossible to mock these people, because there is no joke we could make that equals the hilarity of simply reporting their behavior. Yes, DL is saying that he is Harriet Tubman and that Brian Tashman of Right Wing Watch is a “slave catcher.”

White homosexual activists who profit off the false “no change” doctrine of the American Psychological Association, hate and despise me and the work of liberation I do.

Wait, it’s just white people on this side?

This poster is a replica of the original wanted poster for Ms Harriet Tubman, the famous black American abolitionist.

We know. She’s currently rolling over in her grave.

Brian Tashman, a sycophant  for the proslavery group RightWingWatch is making sure the massahs and slave catchers are being kept abreast of my writings. Tashman is acting like those who, using the power of the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850, released posters and fliers to aid the slave catchers in their apprehension of runaway slaves. In fact, the Fugitive Slave Law stated that every citizen was responsible for helping to recover and return fugitive slaves; so any white person from the North or South could be, and was expected to be, a fugitive slave catcher. So no doubt Brian Tashman feels a certain sense of importance by “exposing” my work of helping homosexuals change and celebrating those who have. RWW, the SPLC and HRC most likely already feel the threat and thus feel compelled to alert others that we are helping homosexuals escape their psychological plantations by empowering them with spiritual truth.

One man’s “making sure the massahs and slave catchers are being kept abreast” is another man’s “quoting people verbatim,” I suppose. That said, what is with the delusions of grandeur today? Earlier I wrote about silly Ken Hutcherson and his belief that he cost Microsoft untold millions (or billions!) of dollars by executing a mass sell-off of their stock, even though there’s absolutely no evidence that such a thing occurred. And now we have D.L. Foster imagining that Right Wing Watch, the SPLC and the Human Rights Campaign are somehow being kept awake at night over the “successful work” of DL Foster. I don’t know about those other organizations, but I tend to only remember that D.L. Foster exists when someone else links to him.

However, apparently, D.L. has been on this tangent for over a week now, as Right Wing Watch reported over a week ago that he had likened gay rights advocates to the Ku Klux Klan:

Remember, the nonexistence of EXhomosexuals is incontrovertible dogma in gay orthodoxy. Exgays can’t exist because if they do, then it destroys their other parallel lie that all homosexuals are born gay and cannot change. Perhaps this premature shock and awe attempt is because they sense a serious threat to their foundational mistruths. And of course you can couch your fear in shallow comedic bullying:

“In case, you’ve never heard of VoV [Voice of the Voiceless], it’s basically an anti-ex-gay defamation group, or, in other words, a group of self-haters who feel picked on.”

That’s exactly the way the Klan reacted when African Americans showed up to vote or to march for their right to be recognized as full  US citizens. If this doesn’t work, maybe the gay activists will resort to dogs, water hoses and bombs. Another favorite tactic of racists were to employ vicious written caricatures of their black victims. Likewise, gay activists use grotestque sexual caricatures against Exhomosexuals (and their supporters)  here and here.

Yay,  that last link was to me! I was worried D.L. was missing Truth Wins Out in this whole nonsense. I, of course, could go through his quotes and add [sic] every five words, but that’s time-consuming, so please deal with D.L.’s typographical, spelling and grammatical errors.

In another post, Right Wing Watch reports that D.L. considers pro-gay Christians to be just like “slave-owners” and “Jim Crow racists.” It’s entirely unclear how a group of people supporting and loving other people is an any way tantamount to supporting slavery or the horrific Jim Crow laws, but that’s okay, because D.L. feels his tortured logic should be able to stand on its own, and we agree. Just quoting here, no need to comment:

1. Slaveowners derived a tangible financial benefit from misinterpreting scripture to keep blacks under the bondage of slavery. The perversion of religious teaching from the mouths of white slaveowners was simply a means to achieve an end. It was a calculated deception including forbidding the slaves to learn to read. Telling the slaves that God and/or the bible wanted blacks to serve their white masters, helped slaveowners continue reaping the benefits of free labor estimated at billions of dollars.

2. Anti-suffrage males  fought against women’s rights primarily for financial gain. Sharing jobs with women meant that men would lose their dominant edge in the workplace, thus lose their financial power (and perks). Denying women the right to vote was simply a tool to keep them out of power while ensuring that money and jobs remained in the hands of men. Like the white slaveowners, the social oppression of women by men was all but assured to duplicate itself  in the church because the same men populated the church.

3. The white jim crow racists of the 60s also financially benefited by misinterpreting scripture about the equality of African Americans. Using barriers of unjust laws and deceptive ideology, white racists kept in place the system that prevented African Americans from reaching positions of power and thus achieving equality with whites. Keeping blacks out of jobs that paid commensurate wages, kept black people out of power. Like the other deceptive and dehumanizing socio-religious pograms before the jim crow era, the power of money was the bottom line motivation. While segregationists could not en masse prevent blacks from gaining ground, in the south and pockets of other parts of the country, the tactics against them helped slow progress considerably.

And this is just like today’s pro-gay Christians because…

But there exists no such financial benefit for people who correctly interpret scripture in reference to homosexual practices. No one who believes, teaches and upholds the sexual standards of the bible stands to benefit financially from doing so. In an ever increasing age of intolerant tolerance, such people and organizations actually are penalized for not falling in line with homosexual inclusion ideology.  Logically, for the church to be compared to the aforementioned oppressive movements, it would have to allow homosexual inclusion.

Therefore its the  religious progays who are financially benefiting from the misinterpretation of scripture just like slaveowners, the anti-suffrage sexists and the jim crow racists.

For example, the United Church of Christ was the first “major” US denomination to endorse homosexual marriage in 2005. That decision cost them over 200 local congregations. Faced with growing deficits, the UCC begin actively courting fringe gay religious groups. It benefited financially (and image-wise) from the influx of scores of fringe black pentecostalesque homosexual churches led by lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder.  The payoff for these churches (and other homosexual churches) who bear the name UCC  is the  air of legitimacy. According to the Institute on Religion and Democracy, the UCC bled out over 1 million members in the last 40 years, with some 40,000 members running away from the sinking ship on its 50th anniversary year.

To counter this, homosexual (political and religious) activists have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into dead religious organizations, rewarding them for the benefit of lying about God’s standard for sexual expression. It was a major financial payoff in exchange for twisting scripture in favor of homosexual practices.

Well, all righty then.

[h/t Joe]