hutchWell, this is just sad and delusional, even by the standards of the Religious Right. Pastor Ken Hutcherson, who claims that he is the gayest person he knows, who cowrites letters with aborted fetuses, and who admitted that he used to play football so that he could hurt white people legally, is now claiming that he cost Microsoft either $30 million or $30 billion, after leading a mass sell-off of stock from Christians unhappy with the company’s stance on gay rights:

While speaking to a Tea Party Unity conference call, Hutcherson said that he led a mass-selloff of Microsoft stock on March 15 as a demonstration against the company’s stand for equality that cost the company tens of millions, if not billions, of dollars.

“I had Christians buying stock in Microsoft and they gave me one share and they kept the rest of their shares and gave me their proxy to go to the meetings here in Seattle and say that as stockholders we do not like the way you’re going down in our country, in our state, trying to change the laws and to push the homosexuality as a minority group,” Hutchreson explained. “I said if you guys don’t back off I’m gonna sell my stock and I’m gonna have everyone that bought sell stock; they laughed, they pooh-poohed me and they thought I was nuts so I said, alright just wait and see.”

He said that “there was a selloff of stock on March 15, $30 million in one day Microsoft lost and they have not recovered yet, someone told me the difference was $30 billion and I never can confirm that because they won’t allow that to come out.”

Interesting. Of course, Right Wing Watch has Google, as do we, and they point us to this timeline of Microsoft stock, and add:

Hutcherson started the campaign in 2008 and said he led the selloff campaign three years later.

On March 11, 2011, stock was valued at 25.68; on March 18 it was valued at 24.80. By March 25, the price was 25.62.

Today, the stock is valued at 32.43.

Well, that’s just sad, Ken. We’ve never known you to have a strong relationship with the truth, but it’s distressing to see you just making up things that are so easily disproven.