Grandpa truckA few weeks ago, “ex-gay” activist Christopher Doyle announced his much-ballyhooed “Ex-Gay Pride Month” — and then promptly canceled it due to unspecified threats made against him by unnamed gay activists. In the same press release, he said that some activities would be taking place in undisclosed locations, presumably so the media would be unable to notice he had no real “ex-gays” to participate in his sideshow.

Well, I take that back. It appears that Doyle has recruited one man to attend his DC event: a crusty “ex-gay” activist, known as grandpa, who will drive his pickup truck from Houston, Texas to Washington, DC while preaching anti-gay sermons at truck stops.

Are you overwhelmed yet by the nation’s first Ex-Gay Pride?

Grandpa is Doug McIntyre, the director of the organization Homosexuals Anonymous (HA). The group is infamous because its founder, Colin Cook, had to step down for giving nude massages to his clients, as well as turning group therapy sessions into circle jerks. Needless to say, McIntyre won’t be discussing these pesky facts at Arkansas truck stops. (No doubt he will be on his knees praying for many hours in the Tea Room). This ridiculous road show is sponsored by Voice of the Voiceless, Homosexuals Anonymous, and Parents and Friends of E-Gays (PFOX)

For pure amusement, watch McIntyre’s video. Make sure you get to the end so you can watch the hysterically funny scene at the sign shop:

Clearly, the entire effort is pathetic. His trip begins on Sunday and McIntyre claims to be flat broke and doesn’t even have events set up in the various towns he will stop in, which includes Dallas, Little Rock and Memphis. He has no one providing media and no churches willing to give him space to preach in their parking lot. One has to wonder if McIntyre is really doing the Lord’s work, or simply wants suckers to pay for his summer vacation. According to the “ex-gay” preacher:

“I’m just going to drive to Washington and I’m going to go on faith. There is no way I have enough money to do that right now. But one at a time the little donations are coming in…Some people say I’m in it for the money, but there is no money in it,” he says as he begs like a starving hobo for cash.

“We are taking off in three days…and I’ll need a coordinator to help me do it…also, any city that you know that has a newspaper, I need somebody to take the initiative to pass the story on to the newspaper so we can get some publicity.”

“If anybody’s in the Dallas area, in the next day I need to hear from you. Somebody in Dallas that has a church that’s willing to allow me to come into the parking lot and allow me to hold my rally in the evening or during the day. That’s very important.”

One has to wonder if McIntyre is a con artist. He says he can’t afford to drive to Washington, DC, and needs food money, yet his allegedly broke organization has taken junkets to Kenya to spread “ex-gay” propaganda. Something doesn’t smell right with McIntyre’s beggar act.

It seems poor Grandpa McIntyre is not finding many people who share his enthusiasm for Ex-Gay Pride Month:

“I’ll be alone on this trip right now,” said the lonely ‘ex-gay’ activist who apparently has no followers. “I haven’t found anyone who wants to go or has the time, or has the ability to go. So, I’m going to make the trip alone. And I eat cheap, I can get by on less than $20 a day….God’s providing for us. He’s setting it up so we can make this trip.”

Grandpa1The actual content of Grandpa’s video reveals that he is as truth challenged as ever. First, McIntyre claims that gay and transgender groups have, “taken over the media and trying to educate kindergarten kids into their way of life.” McIntyre should consider that the media isn’t paying attention to his message, not because they are all gay, but because everything he says sounds truly insane. Furthermore, sexual orientation is not something that can be learned or taught — and it is not a subject that is part of kindergarten curriculum. Although tolerance and anti-bullying programs need to begin early enough to stop the abuse of LGBT children.

Like most so-called “ex-gays,” McIntyre appears to be a terribly confused individual with an unorthodox background:

“Back when I was four years old…I was made to do things and live like I was a girl. And I know what it did to my mind and I know how long it took to get my thinking straightened out, to the point where I can really understand what’s going.”

In reality, McIntyre seems overcome by guilt and shame. He personifies how teaching young people to hate themselves has severe consequences that can last a lifetime.

Here are a few whoppers told by McIntyre:

“They accomplished the goal of having equal rights.” (McIntyre lives in Texas where one can still be fired because or their sexual orientation. Clearly, he is ignorant of the laws in his own state)

“They [LGBT people] even got protected speech, which as former gay people we don’t have.” (So says the “ex-gay” activist freely speaking his diseased mind on YouTube)

“Then they went for the gay marriage and got that accomplished.” (In 13 states and DC. Does McIntyre know there are 50 states?)

“At the same time they overturned the definition of marriage in the United States.” (Marriage was made more inclusive. For heterosexuals who marry, it will still be one man and one woman. So much for changing the definition)

Aside from working with Doyle on Ex-Gay Pride Month, McIntyre is going to DC to protest the children’s cartoon SheZow. He says he will complain about the show to senators and the FCC. No doubt, he’ll find a friend and fellow intellectual traveler in Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Here is a clip of the show Grandpa is in a tizzy over.

With the fall of Exodus International, it seems that those now running the “ex-gay” industry are becoming increasingly desperate for attention and totally unglued from reality.