maggieMaggie Gallagher likes to pretend that her life’s work is about “protecting marriage,” rather than extreme, irrational anti-gay animus, but dang, she always shows her true colors in one way or another. Writing for the National Review, Maggie throws her support behind the “Jewish” (run by Mormons) “ex-gay” group, JONAH, which was founded by by convicted felon Arthur Abba Goldberg, the Bernie Madoff of the 1980’s:

Chuck Limandri, my old friend from the Carrie Prejean, Prop 8 fights, is a heckuva a lawyer and one brave man. He’s taking on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s massive legal machine to defend the right of Jewish gay people to seek help…

Those poor gay Jewish people just want help from a convicted felon selling junk science and whose “therapists” are the pioneers of the “take your pants off and feel your junk” method of de-gaying, and the mean SPLC won’t let them do it! Tell us more, woman who is only concerned about “protecting marriage” and harbors absolutely no animus against gay people:

SPLC is using consumer-fraud laws to try to bankrupt these small nonprofits and if it wins this case has announced plans to take it nationwide against 70 groups offering some form of sexual-orientation-change efforts. They must not want publicity because this landmark case is flying under all media radar screens.

It’s been covered all over the place. Indeed, it was covered today in the gay media regarding the case in Massachusetts. So much for Maggie’s strange, false insinuation that the people working on this important issue don’t want publicity. (And why would we not? The “ex-gay” industry dies a little more every time a light is shone in its direction.)

I am chairman of Chuck’s board, by the way.

Of course you are. Shill, Maggie, shill!

[h/t Joe]