barberWhy is the Liberty Counsel not considered a hate group yet? It seems that this clip might be enough for the SPLC to go ahead and knock them into that category. Commenting on the fact that a street preacher was attacked at Seattle Pride, Matt Barber and Steve Crampton had these insane, hateful things to say:

Crampton and Barber warned that these sorts of attacks on anti-gay Christians will only increase in the months and years ahead because, as Crampton explained, “the life of the average homosexual is not controlled by reason” but a perverted lust and passion that has “overwhelmed them.” And thus, when you couple that “a lack of self-control” with “the taste of blood,” you have a recipe for further bloodletting.

Barber agreed, declaring that gays “define their entire identity based up aberrant sexual behaviors and sexual temptations and acting on those temptations” and so, as Scripture proclaims, they are eventually consumed by this “lust-filled, sex-centric, perversion-centric lifestyle” and ultimately driven by a “dark soul” to commit this sort of violent behavior.

That’s great. We don’t live our lives based on reason and we have the taste of blood.

Of course, the street preacher in Seattle was attacked by a straight man with a criminal record, but Matt Barber and his compadres aren’t known for their relationship with the truth. Watch it:

Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that the only people worried about being turned into “lust-driven reprobates” are the dudes in the video just above? Where have I heard language like that

Oh, that’s right. Hi, Chris Kluwe. Seems to me you’ve responded to this sort of rigamarole before.


(David Bowman, Out Magazine)

(David Bowman, Out Magazine)