Porno Pete LaBarbera is in a swivet over the downfall of Exodus International. He sees his false God of the “former homosexual” reduced to rubble, as the “ex-gay” industry crumbles. HePorno Pete is now pleading to God that the Restored Hope Network, a radical new “ex-gay” program formed by ex–Exodus dead-enders, will take off:

Know this: Exodus’ and Chambers’ downfall — though a momentary propaganda boon for deceitful, often vicious, homosexual militants like Wayne Besen [he “applauds” Alan HERE]– is only an institutional failure, driven by foolish pride. The timely rise in its stead of Restored Hope shows that Jesus Christ is still very much in the business of redeeming and radically transforming sinners – and of course that includes men, women and young people caught up in the sin of homosexual behavior.

May we all pray that the Lord will bless Restored Hope Network abundantly.  

Well, it seems that God doesn’t answer the prayers of Porno Pete, particularly when it comes to creating successful conferences. I am now in Oklahoma City where the group is holding its event. In spite of all the media swirl surrounding the downfall of Exodus and the launch of this new hate group, the Restored Hope Network only drew an estimated 100 participants. By the way, this number includes media and conference speakers. This paltry number is far below the heyday of the “ex-gay” myth, when Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out road show brought in thousands of people.

So, just like Porno Pete’s failed Truth Academy, RHN’s coming out party was a complete dud. It was a batch of extremists talking to themselves and licking their wounds over the near-collapse of the “ex-gay” industry.

Pathetic, really.