Christopher Doyle's doppelganger

Couldn’t find a good picture of Christopher Doyle, so just used Uncle Fester again.

Reacting to the news of Exodus International’s closing, Christopher Doyle of the International Healing Foundation “ex-gay” outfit and right-hand man of Richard “I beat pillows with tennis rackets while calling them Mommy” Cohen, is distressed by the honesty, integrity and class shown by Alan Chambers in apologizing and pulling the plug on Exodus:

“It’s a sad day for the ex-gay movement, where the largest Christian organization that’s existed for almost 40 years, [that] has really given a lot of hope to people who are trying to come out of homosexuality, is basically saying that people can’t change,” Doyle told NPR.

To which we must only reply with the same question we’ve been asking Christopher for a while now, which he refuses to answer, regarding his admitted attempted molestation of young girls in his mother’s daycare:

How old were they, Christopher?

People who work with children on a regular basis should be able to answer that question.