You would think that, on a day when the failures of their worldview are on such vivid display, the Religious Right might take a day off from saying completely insane things that further isolate them from the majority of the American population.

But no, they’re True Believers, so today’s events just make them double down.

Linda Harvey, whose official title is “Most Homophobic Woman In America,” went on the American Family Association’s radio network to explain that gay marriage is going to change life so much for America’s children that we’re going to end up with a generation of “barbarians.” Not kidding, she said those words:

“It’s going to mess with their hearts, their minds, their spirits, and their bodies,” Harvey warned. “I think that we are looking toward; I don’t know that this is, maybe it’s too strong a word, but raising barbarians”

All righty then. Listen to her attempt to explain her train of thought:

Actually, Linda, I think that little Megan is instead going to learn what it’s like to grow up without the stigmatization and pathology of learning from a young age how to hate oneself and others.

The hits will keep on coming over the next couple of days. Perusing Porno Pete’s Twitter, I see that he went on with Bryan Fischer to talk about Alan Chambers and Exodus, so that should provide some entertainment.