jrbAnd the running theme of our opponents just getting weirder and weirder continues apace. In this interview on “Catholic Answers Live,” NOM’s Jennifer Roback Morse compares out gay people (who, as Jeremy points out, she calls “same-sex attracted,” because wingnuts are deadset on continuing in their denial of the fact — FACT! — of sexual orientation) to family members she had in the seventies who were having a baby without any plans to get married. She argues that the family should have “locked arms” to pressure the couple into getting married, as if it’s really the family’s business what the couple does or doesn’t do. Likewise, she says that gay people need “constraints” to keep us from “getting into trouble,” AKA being who we are and living full lives with people they’re actually attracted to and compatible with. The host then suggests that what we need is akin to “guardrails” that protect people from falling off mountain paths. Roback Morse decides she likes that analogy, agreeing that yes, we also need “guardrails.”

It won’t be long before they suggest leashes.