Lisa Ling has been reporting on the “ex-gay” industry for several years, now, with some reports being better than others. On Thursday, June 20, she will be back with what promises to be must-see TV, in a report that features an apology from Alan Chambers, as well as a direct confrontation between Alan and survivors from the “ex-gay” world.  Indeed, in the previews, Ling suggests that this may be the turning point that topples the organization for good.

From the show’s preview:

For almost 40 years, Exodus International claimed to offer a “cure” for homosexuality. Alan Chambers, the leader of Exodus, decided last year to stop endorsing the controversial practice of gay-reparative therapy. And now, he has a new message: an apology. In a special episode, Lisa Ling is joined by a group of survivors of the condemned and damaging practice of “reparative therapy” as they confront Alan Chambers. Chambers recently asked Ling to help orchestrate an opportunity in which he could formally apologize to those who felt deceived and defrauded by Exodus’ practices and to announce that the organization will cease to be an “ex gay” organization.

We’ll be watching.