Joe has two posts up today reporting on yet more polls showing that the tide truly has turned, it appears irrevocably, in our favor.

First up, a new poll from Bloomberg is consistent with all the other major polls taken lately, showing that 52% of Americans support marriage equality:


Moreover, a new Pew poll shows that a full 72% of Americans believe that marriage equality is inevitable, including 59% of those opposed to it:


Let that number sink in. A majority of people opposed to marriage equality still believe that it is inevitable. Jeremy adds insight to these numbers:

This is what NOM is up against: a reality where even a majority of its own supporters know that marriage equality is going to happen, despite their driven efforts. This obvious inevitability is, far and away, the most damaging thing NOM faces—which is precisely why they are working so hard to deny it.  They know that the writing on the wall demoralizes their support base and depresses their donations, so they are acting as if it’s all a lie.  They pretend the trajectory and polling is just something we’ve concocted rather than an accurate representation of where America stands.

We know what happens to the Right when they double down into delusion and start to believe their own “skewed polls.”