What kind of camp, Bill? Hmmm?

In this segment, Bill O’Reilly interviews perennially unfunny “comedian” Adam Carolla about an elementary school in Milwaukee which had a switch-up day of some sort where boys could dress like girls and vice versa. It, of course, wasn’t mandatory, but that doesn’t stop it from becoming part of the Fox News daily pout-rage. Carolla mentioned that his six year-old son had to ride in his sister’s pink car seat recently and screamed like a “stuck pig” the whole time. O’Reilly said that that is a “good sign,” and that if he had enjoyed it, you might have to send him to “camp.”

So, again, Bill. What kind of “camp” are you talking about?

I give O’Reilly credit for not always being the neanderthal that his reviled coworker Sean Hannity is. In this case, however, Bill needs to wake up.

[Dependable Renegade]