Greg and Cheryl Quinlan

Greg and Cheryl Quinlan before their divorce

The Times of Trenton (New Jersey’s state capital) writes today in an editorial:

Opponents of N.J. legislation to ban “conversion therapy” for children made a strong case this week.

Unfortunately for them, the points they made only demonstrate more clearly why this law is needed.

Speaking at a news conference, a representative of the socially conservative New Jersey Family First said sexual feelings toward the same sex can develop as a result of molestation.

The editorial board cites experts who refute New Jersey ex-gay activist Greg Quinlan’s bizarre fantasy about gays being responsible for — or becoming gay as a result of — convicted Penn State heterosexual molester Jerry Sandusky. The editors conclude:

The [New Jersey] bill under consideration would prohibit licensed counselors from practicing conversion therapy on minors. Although criticized by some as an overreach and an intrusion on the right to free speech, it is a valid means of the state standing up to child abuse.

They’re right. Quinlan has reminded the public, better than any ex-gay critic could, that ex-gay therapy is a form of child abuse which inflicts the bizarre fantasies and sexual confusion of antigay bigots upon innocent children.

The Times asks Quinlan to apologize for his “shameful news conference.”