franceIt’s amazing, because they’ve been helping to foment anger among anti-gay folk leading up to France’s impending passage of marriage equality. Joe:

Last week NOM president Brian Brown praised the “peaceful protests” of their partners in France’s increasingly violent anti-gay marriage movement, which has been supported by an in-person appearance by Brown himself. NOM remains completely silent on the recent rash of brutal gay-bashings, gay bars attacks, riot police with tear gas and batons, children used as human shields, and now a literal death threat against the leader of the French Parliament. Nothing. Not a peep, not a single word of discouragement or regret.

Because they have absolutely no shame and they are so blinded by their worldview that they look at the pain and suffering caused by their work and think it’s a good thing.

Here’s video of anti-gay activists in a confrontation with French riot police from Friday night. This is really happening, and it’s ridiculous.