A universal message about that experience of falling in love with someone in high school. Or any other time really, but it really captures that thing unique to gay kids, when you end up having feelings for someone who may or may not even be gay. The Advocate sets it up:

17-year-old Kim Ho was one of the winners of the 2012 monologue competition, Love Bytes, held by Fresh Ink, a development program for emerging playwrights from the Australian Theatre for Young People.

As one of the competition’s winners, Kim was assisted with transforming his original 3-minute video entry, Transcendence—which tells the story of a young gay teen struggling with his sexuality and the love he feels for a boy in his French class—into the beautiful 9-minute short film The Language of Love.

Watch it, and like I said, Kleenex alert, but if you’re like me, you’ll be giggling half the time. This is really well done:

Je t’aime.