msMark Smith is a Pennsylvania state representative, and when he’s not politicking, he plays music and works with a record label. He was in a Christian band called One Floor Away, but he’s not anymore, because he’s nice to gay people and that really interferes with spreading the gospel of Jesus through song:

Democrat Mark Smith’s support for same-sex marriage got him kicked out of the band.

A Bradford County, Pa. commissioner running for lieutenant governor, Smith said band mates in the Christian rock group One Floor Away recently told him he would have to quit as lead guitarist unless he changed his position on the issue.

Smith has spoken up for marriage equality on the campaign trail and on Facebook. He refused to renounce his support, and lost the opportunity to play music he loves for a band that is recording its first album and seems to be going places in the Christian rock scene.

“It sort of blew my mind,” Smith said. “It was like a smack to the side of the head.” He said the band’s record producer and a couple of his band mates gave him the ultimatum late last month as they were meeting in Ithaca, N.Y. for a recording session.

Yeah, it sounds like his bandmates are pretty obnoxious. These situations are often opportunities for personal growth, so if Smith wants to keep playing Christian music, something tells me that there are a bunch of artists out there who aren’t just horrid people.

Later in the piece, Smith points out the obvious:

But he said he thought the band’s dismissal was “short-sighted,” noting that even some evangelical Christians support equal rights for gays and lesbians. “I’m a liberal Democrat, and I feel we should certain allow people to marry who they please,” Smith said. “Equality is the foundation of this country; it’s not something I’ll back down on.”


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