mother-angelica1Fess up, residents of Vatican City, there are only 800 of you:

Someone among the 800 people who live in Vatican City, Rome is pirating heterosexual and transgender pornographic content from the Internet. According to the New York Post, while not many of the residents of the tiny city-state that houses the Pope’s residence are heavy technology users, someone is using bit-torrent to watch pornographic videos, although it is difficult to determine who.

The blog enlisted the aid of anti-piracy service ScanEye to examine the downloading records of the residents of Vatican City. Among crime dramas and detective programs like “Chicago Fire” and “The Americans,” TorrentFreak found that someone had downloaded videos featuring adult performers Lea Lexis and Krissy Lynn, as well as transgender actress Tiffany Starr.

WHOA. It’s not all Tradtional Marriage Porn? We are shocked.

Now, we are not scolds, so we really do not care if somebody is watching porn in the Vatican, just STOP TRYING TO HURT THE LGBT PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, and we’ll be fine.

So anyway, which one of you Vatican people is it?! I can only think of one person in that country who recently became unemployed, but I doubt he knows how to Do Computers.