luSeriously, wow, I mean, what do you even say

Liberty University, the largest religion-affiliated U.S. school, is loosening restrictions for carrying firearms on its Lynchburg, Va., campus.

Liberty students who have an easy-to-obtain Virginia concealed carry permit and permission from campus police will now be able to carry a loaded gun into classrooms, according to a March 22 revision to school policy. University staff and visitors may also bring firearms into university buildings on campus, WSET reported. Students remain banned from bringing guns into residence halls, even with a permit.

“Students ought to have the ability to protect themselves,” Josh Hetzler, a law student who helped draft the new policy, told WDBJ. “We’ve seen a number of instances here in the nation recently were schools are particularly vulnerable. They’re gun free zones, except that the bad guys still get the guns.”

And the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a Young Earth Creationist with a gun, I guess.

Wonkette points out that the only place their name “Liberty” seems to extend to students is with this new gun policy, due to their other restrictions:

Though Liberty students may now carry loaded weapons to class, Liberty rules continue to prohibit R-rated movies, un-Godly music, dancing, kissing or staying in a motel room with a member of the opposite sex, as outlined in the student handbook.

Right. So constant sexual tension, a sense that everything in the universe is forbidden fruit and just general fanaticism all around. This is worrisome on so many levels. I suppose we’ll just co-sign this final sentiment from Wonkette:

Let’s just hope for these kids’ sake that an armed religious fanatic pretend University is a polite religious fanatic pretend University.

Seriously. Sheesh.

[image via Wikimedia]