A few years ago, Truth Wins Out made news when we led a viral campaign to get Apple to remove an Exodus International app from the App Store. Apple responded quietly but promptly — one minute the app was there, the next it was gone. And Apple has a long, long history of supporting LGBT rights and marriage equality. Indeed, they have a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign.

All of this is to make clear that we are not mad, but an oversight has been discovered, and really it ought to be rectified. The other day, my friend Thomas was just doing that normal thing, reading Internets on his Apple notebook, and, upon coming across the word “marriage” in an NPR article, did the little “right click > define” thing out of curiosity, just to see what Apple’s built-in definition for “marriage” was. Full disclosure: this friend is a Gay Married. (Probably like many of you!) Here’s what he found:



APPLE! Fix it!

Our opponents accuse us of trying to “redefine marriage,” but in reality, the definition of “marriage” has changed and evolved over time, to the point that a clear majority of Americans support marriage equality, and indeed, the people in charge at Apple understand that the definition of marriage has expanded to include gay and lesbian couples. So in this sense, while we and the majority of Americans understand that including gays and lesbians in marriage doesn’t hurt or weaken the institution in any way, we are “redefining” marriage, to make it more inclusive.

So Thomas wrote them a note, and it’s a good note:


Zing! And the “future,” at least in the developed world, is broad recognition of marriage equality, so again, we are not mad but Apple, you should fix this. It’ll probably take five minutes. Be a pal?