My friend Wayne Gray has an exciting, new book that will help some of our readers who want to know more about homosexuality Grayand the Bible. He has studied the topic for many years and offers keen insights and wise counsel. His work can also assist LGBT advocates sharpen their debating skills so they can do better countering the homophobes. Here is a bit more about Homosexuality, The Bible, The Truth:

 The Bible Does NOT Condemn Homosexuality!  Now, at long last, there is a book that states, with verifiable and irrefutable fact, what we all should have known by common sense, that the Bible does not condemn homosexuals…not in any book, not in any chapter, not in any verse.  The scholarly work that took forty years to be completed is now available for everyone to read, study and use to spread the truth.  The author, Wayne Gray, takes every passage that has ever been used to attack homosexuality, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, and interprets them all with intense scrutiny using linguistic, theological, historical and other scholarly tools to finally show what these passages actually say.  There has never been a book this complete, thorough or definitive.  Forty years of scholarly work!  It’s all here, and the answers will set you free.

You can purchase the book at this link and drastically increase your knowledge on what the Bible really says about being an LGBT individual.

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