magicThe other day, we had to wade through the muck that is the public self-destruction of PFOX’s Regina Griggs’ relationship with her gay son. She was asserting that she was a better parent than Senator Rob Portman. Yes, you see, because Rob Portman changed his status on marriage equality out of a desire to see his son live life to the fullest and with all the Constitutional guarantees of any other American, and because he loves his son, he changed his mind. In Regina’s best case scenario, we suppose, Portman would have followed her lead by starting an anti-gay hate group for the purposes of judging his son and others like him via press releases and much, much whining.

So, for the sake of any parents out there still confused about what constitutes unconditional love and support for an LGBT child, watch these amazing interviews with Magic Johnson about his son E.J.

THIS is what a supportive parent looks and sounds like.

Giving E.J. “The Talk.”

On hateful reactions from annoying anti-gay bloggers, specifically within the African-American community, and Magic’s feelings about THAT.

And on athletes coming out.

[h/t Andy]