BJUWhile Bob Jones University hired G.R.A.C.E. (Godly Response to Abuse in a Christian Environment) to conduct an independent investigation into numerous allegations of sexual abuse within this network of independent fundamentalist Baptists, they continue to align themselves with figures involved in sex abuse.

For example, Clarence Sexton just spoke twice at BJU’s Bible conference even though in 2011 he sang the praises of the Rev. Jack Schaap. Since receiving this endorsement, Schaap was convicted in September 2012 of having underage sex with a minor and sentenced in March 2013 to 12 years in prison. Given this timeline, there was sufficient time for BJU to vet Sexton and insist that Sexton publicly distance himself from Schaap before they issue an invite for him to speak at their school.

In a similar vein, this memo was sent to BJU faculty on March 22, 2013 announcing the suspension and later firing of Dr. Joseph Bartosch. His name is no longer on the BJU’s website.

Friday afternoon, March 15, Bob Jones University learned of an allegation that a cabinet officer, Dr. Joseph Bartosch, had been charged with soliciting prostitution in another state over two decades ago prior to his current BJU employment. He quickly came to administrators, confirmed the allegation and put himself at their disposal. That afternoon the University suspended him indefinitely from his position as Chief Brand Officer while we gather facts to reach an appropriate decision about his continued employment. In making the decision, we will consider such things as the incident itself, his subsequent walk with the Lord and current testimony. Our objective is to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, David Lovegrove will be the university contact on behalf of the marketing and enrollment planning team. Please pray for wisdom on the part of the administration and for Joseph and his family.

Given these two gross violations committed by leaders within the BJU network, one shudders to think what will be contained in G.R.A.C.E.’s final report. Those who have been impacted by anyone connected with BJU are encouraged to contact G.R.A.C.E. and file a report between now and April 30th.

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