Utah, of all places, home to the Mormon Church and some fairly large families, apparently needs a rally to promote “traditional” marriage.

Or, Os fammaybe the “Celebration of Marriage,” an event hosted by Alan and Suzanne Osmond at the state capitol on March 26, the day the Supreme Court hears the first of two same-sex marriage cases, has nothing to do with protecting heterosexual families and is simply a big ole gay bashing extravaganza?

The intention of the rally is made clear when the Osmond’s state that the point of the rally is that “Every Child Deserves A Mom and a Dad.”

Actually, every child deserves love and guardians who care, take responsibility, and invest in that child’s emotional well-being and success. In America, one would have to be willfully ignorant, stubbornly arrogant, and extraordinarily blind not to see that successful (and failed) families come in many different forms. So, this Orwellian event is no more than a cruel attempt to shit on the gays, insult their families, and stigmatize their children so they will be bullied in schools. And, no doubt, these bigots will inflict their pain as only the Osmond family can — with massive smiles and phony professions of “love”.

You know what really makes me sick to my stomach? Alan and Suzanne are thoughtlessly exploiting children at this event and teaching them to hate. They boast in their flyer that the crowd will be entertained by a 13 year old boy who will play the piano. They will also have on hand “the Osmond grandchildren and more of the best of Utah’s talented children and families.”

There can be no doubt that many of these youth will be gay.  Actually, there are likely to be a slightly higher percentage of gay youth in this crowd of large families, given the biological “birth order effect” on gay brothers — and these poor, helpless, vulnerable kids will be made, by mindless adults — to dance, sing, play music, and tap dance to their own oppression.

As these traumatized children will perform, and get accolades from the “wholesome” crowd, they will know all along that they are homosexuals, and they will want to crawl under a rock, roll up in a ball, and die.

Maybe Alan and Suzanne simply don’t know any better. Or, maybe they just don’t give a damn and see LGBT youth as throw away kids who are not part the fabric of American families and don’t neatly fit into their narrow worldview.

(h/t Andy Towle)


A bit on “birth order effect”: