According to Mediaite:


Laura Ingraham tonight looked at a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center claiming that extremist right-wing patriot groups are on the rise and becoming a lot more militant. However, Ingraham pointed out that many of the groups the SPLC has on the list are just groups made up of passionate conservatives, bringing on Bob Dane, a representative from one of those groups, who wasted no time in dismissing the Southern Poverty Law Center as a politically-motivated organization.

Dane, a member of the Federation of American Immigration Reform, told  Ingrahamthat the Southern Poverty Law Center “masquerades as a civil rights group and they’re really a far-left political attack machine.” He quipped, “They would label a ham and cheese sandwich as an extremist threat if it helped juice their fundraising.” Dane likened their report to McCarthyism, with Ingraham saying it appears to be a way of “shutting down debate in the United States.”

What a grotesque hit job on SPLC disguised as a genuine discussion. It is sweet that these haters put on their smiles for the cameras and pretended to be reasonable. However, what they failed to point out was that to get on SPLC’s list, an individual or group has to LIE, LIE, LIE, about a class of people. It is the blatant dishonesty in their discourse that gets them on the list.

And the schmuck that brought the red herring of NAMBLA into the discussion was simply trying to exploit homophobia to cloud the issue — sort of proving SPLC’s original point. Furthermore, Ingraham was wrong to claim that mainstream Christians were being targeted by SPLC. Indeed, the groups she falsely calls mainstream are smear campaigns that incessantly bash gays using junk science and blatant falsehoods.