Porno Pete is depressed, as he should be. Here is his latest maudlin rant:

Big Gay Inc. is also in the vanguard of pushing Christians and moral-minded people out of the Public Square. Central to its ability to transform society’s Peter-LaBarberamores is its drive to silence and discredit opposing views…Their Orwellian strategy is working. The collapse of America’s Judeo-Christian moral consensus has been as swift as it is stunning. Consider this: Just six decades and a few years ago, homosexuality was such a taboo that Harry Hay, an early “gay” activist who conceived of the idea of homosexuals as a “minority” (like racial minorities), could hardly find enough open homosexuals in the nation to join him in forming a “homophile” rights group (Source: “The Trouble with Harry Hay,” by Stuart Timmons).

Fast forward to today: fanatical homosexual activists like Wayne Besen of “Truth Wins Out,” which pressured Tebow to cancel the appearance at Jeffress’ “hate church” (Besen’s smear term; he also called it a “bigot church), and then applauded him for doing so – now fight to make opposition to homosexuality taboo. The homosexual lobby is working to ban pro-heterosexual change therapy, and “gay” militants and lawyers insist that their newfangled “LGBT rights” trump even religious freedom when the two collide, as they invariably do.

It appears that even this stalwart homo-hater, who slithers around gay porn palaces and scurries about licentious leather bars looking for smut to post on his prurient website, knows the end is near. It is clear that there is a shrinking market for professional gay bashers and one can only hope he polishes off his cracker-thin resume and finds a new gig before it is too late. Since he has so much experience visiting the tubs in Chicago, and is likely a familiar face, maybe they will be kind and offer him an exciting, new opportunity cleaning the cubicles.

Porno Pete is basically wrong on everything:

  • He writes that we are “pushing Christians and moral-minded people out of the Public Square.” In truth, it is the LGBT community that was cruelly banished from being seen or heard in pubic for hundreds of years. In the mid-20th Century we began asserting our right to exist and challenging rampant misinformation. Today, we share the public square with fundamentalist Christians and both sides have aired their respective cases on gay rights ad nauseam. It just so happens that we won these debates and the American people have soundly rejected the incoherent and irrational arguments employed by damaged people like Peter LaBarbera. So, it isn’t that fundies are not welcome in the public square, it’s just that people aren’t buying what they are selling. Peter should come up with better arguments than, “look how ‘those people’ do it, gross.” His puerile and disgraceful efforts to stigmatize LGBT people have backfired and there is virtually no future for such bigotry. Pete
  • Porno Pete objects to me and others calling Rev. Robert Jeffress a hater who runs a hate church.  However, if one looks at the verifiable lies and anti-gay speech used by Jefress, the “hate” label is accurate.
  • Pete writes: “‘Gay’ militants and lawyers insist that their newfangled ‘LGBT rights’ trump even religious freedom when the two collide, as they invariably do.” Again, this is inaccurate and designed to scare his handful of followers into ponying up some dough to support his dying group. Our position is that fundamentalists live in America and have to abide by laws that are written to be followed by all citizens. People like Porno Pete don’t get to claim special rights and carve out exceptions to the law simply because they are religious. They don’t get to impose a form of Christian Sharia, forcing everyone to follow the rules of their favored church. Furthermore, religious freedom does not clash with LGBT rights, this is a phony issue and a figment of the extreme right’s imagination. This who line of phony argument is rather new, and was invented because appeals to outright discrimination no longer resonate. Whining about loss of “religious liberty” is a just one more cynical ploy to justify denying LGBT people full access to the American Dream.

As more LGBT people come out each day; as more heterosexual allies speak up in unexpected arenas like churches, NBA basketball courts, enlightened Republican circles, and NFL football fields; the ugly lies peddled by Porno Pete and his ilk are rendered ineffective. This is just an unpleasant  reality that professional gay-haters will have to wrap their heads around.

Well, I’ve written enough about the increasingly irrelevant antics of Porno Pete. I imagine that we will be writing less and less about him, as his stumbling movement loses steam by the day. There will be a time in the very near future when nobody cares what he has to say and he will be shunned and ignored by polite and decent society. Porno Pete should enjoy the limited cyber-ink he is now getting, because it will soon dry up as the sun sets on his failed crusade and disgraceful career that will surely embarrass his children and grandchildren.