Victory, sweet victory.

Last night, San Francisco 49ers homophobe Chris Culliver screwed up badly in the Super Bowl, giving up a touchdown and he wasWinner also called for pass interference. Perhaps, this is karma for his bigoted, anti-gay remarks he offered earlier in the week. He seemed ill-prepared for the game, and may it may have cost his team the Lombardi Trophy.

Meanwhile, a champion, Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, is using his spotlight to do some good.

“Equality means that every single person, no matter your race, creed, sexual orientation, advantages or disadvantages, are all treated equally,” Ayanbadejo told Global Grind. “This isn’t a fight for gay rights, this is a fight for human rights…The NFL culture has come a long way from four years ago. The younger generation of players are a lot more open-minded, forward thinking and accepting of the LGBT community.”

Did you hear that Chris Culliver — this is what a winner sounds like — and you are a giant loser.

One more thing: Screw you 49ers.