Anti-gay state Sen. Stacey Campfield of Knoxville, TN has revived his odious “don’t say gay” bill. However, the legislation Campfieldnow includes a rule that school counselors notify parents if they learn of students “engaging in or at risk of engaging in” injurious behavior. Of course, that includes gay sex:

“I can’t speak from personal experience, but being homosexual in and of itself is not deadly or dangerous. The act of homosexuality is very dangerous,” said Campfield.

His will have two unintended consequences:

1) It will lead to more attempted suicides, homeless youth, and LGBT youth estranged from conservative families

2) It will ultimately strengthen the LGBT presence in schools, because many youth will be outed via posts on Facebook or discovered text messages, which will completely boomerang on the anti-gay movement

Short term, more harm to LGBT youth. Long-term, it harms the anti-gay industry by outing more youth.

The new “don’t say gay” proposal never uses the words homosexual or gay, instead referencing behavior “inconsistent with natural human reproduction.”