Writer Nathan Clay Barbarick went undercover and wrote an article on an event held by the controversial International House of Prayer (IHOP) for Pitch.com. In the piece, the author mentions an “inspiring” sermon by IHOP cult leader Mike Bickle:

I move closer to the stage to get a look at Bickle. He’s a solidly built man, wearing a silky button-up shirt. I snap a picture of stacks of tithing buckets, which I never see deployed, even after Bickle’s made-for-TV pitch on how Jesus dealt with the lukewarm.

“Tell them that I will vomit them out of my mouth,” Bickle yells. “That doesn’t mean that they are repulsing to Jesus. What I believe this phrase means: Jesus is not saying, ‘You’re repulsive to Me.’ He’s saying, ‘When I look at the way you’re living in responding to the Love of God … my stomach hurts when I look at how much I love you! And how little you respond! And how little you understand the delusion you’re in! My stomach is hurting because of the relationship of love! Do you know who I am? Do you know who you are to me? Do you know the deception you’re in? My stomach hurts when I look at you!'”

I don’t mean to sound impertinent, but I suggest that Bickle’s version of Jesus discover Pepto-Bismol, lest he ruin the carpet. In November, the IHOP was embroiled in a cult murder that captivated the nation.