I am thrilled to announce that Obama has replaced the offensive and homophobic Louie Giglio with a friend of the LGBT community.

“The Presidential Inaugural Committee has chosen the gay-affirming Reverend Dr. Luis León of St. John’s Episcopal Church on Lafayette Square to deliver the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration,” said Rick Rosendall, President of Washington, DC’s Gay and Lesbian Activist’s Alliance  (GLAA).

This is the type of inclusive person who should be up on stage if they must include a religious figure. I am ecstatic that the president is giving a platform to raise the profile of religious voice of reason and responsibility. We should no longer elevate bigots who justify their intolerance by waving the Bible. There are simply too many respectable and noble men and women of the cloth who deserve a shot to promote loving and inclusive values. Never again should a mainstream president  desecrate an inauguration with a Giglio and his intolerant ilk.