Joseph Sciambra is the latest Jesus-freak to bring sunshine to our day. What would we do without such comic relief?

In this video, he describes how the Devil loves anal sex and graphically discusses how his chute was destroyed by the gay porn business. Instead of being saved by Jesus, however, he could have been saved by a cheap bottle of lube from the Five & Dime. Hmm, wonder why he never thought of that.!

Folks, such clown acts are what pass for fundamentalist Christianity these days. Is it any wonder that millions of Americans are losing their religion? One has to be a complete buffoon to stay in a faith that promotes circus acts like Sciambra. But wild tales are what we consistently get from the fundies. The crazier the stories, the more they love it because it represents a redemption fantasy. But, this is really nothing more than bad theater for people too uncultured to enjoy a good drama at the local playhouse.

Keep the guffaws rolling fundies — you offer the world’s best comedy act and never fail to disappoint.

P.S. One more point. Not long ago, it was the fundies who were prudes and picketed entertainment with foul language. Today, there is no other group in America more likely to talk graphically about sex in general and anal sex in particular. As long as they add a caveat about how bad an activity is, they give themselves a free pass to say virtually anything. They are seemingly sex crazed and prurient to the point that they probably make pornographers blush.