On Dec. 28, Truth Wins Out reported that the Cowboy Church of Virginia tried to “cure” gay people by having them pet horses. The source for our blog post was Gay Star News.

The Cowboy Church is now claiming in a letter to TWO that it was a “false story” and demanded that we, and at least six other publications, “print a complete retraction of their false article.” The church’s letter also claimed, “The FBI, the FCC, and several BBB groups around the country became involved on 1/2/13. We will be including your name and publication in that case file as well.”

Unfortunately for the Cowboy Church, Joe Jervis published a brochure from the group that referred to homosexuality as an “addiction.” Based on this inflammatory and medicallyy false brochure, it seems what was printed by the Gay Star News is likely to be accurate. TWO responded to the church in a letter today expressing our concerns with their content:

First, as you know, homosexuality is not considered a mental health issue, nor an addiction. If your brochure is accurate, you are engaged in potential misdiagnosis, which could involve malpractice. Our legal team has already been notified on this front and instructed to consider action if clients have been harmed, mistreated, or conned.

I am open to dialogue, however, I would like that you clarify your brochure, which does seem to be in alignment with the Gay Star News story. We will only consider retraction if there is something to retract. As of now, I have seen nothing to indicate the article is inaccurate. If we do have such evidence, we will retract immediately.

We are looking forward to hearing back from this church to find out if they are honorable cowboys, or simply rodeo clowns trying to spin their way out of a public relations nightmare.