It must be an easy job to simply lie and make up facts, rather than do real research.

Mat Staver and Matt Barber are now calling the California law prohibiting “ex-gay” therapy for minors “Jerry Sandusky laws.” They claim that this law will not allow children who are sexually abused to get help. This is a lie.

The law actually helps youth who have been sexually assaulted, because they can find real therapists who can help them work through their issues. Reparative therapists have no expertise on this issue and are only concerned about the clients sexual orientation. This leads to the therapist’s ideology being of paramount concern, not the needs of clients. The worst possible scenario imaginable is for a victim to find themselves in the hands of quacks who have hang-ups about gay people.

Barber falsely says that almost half of all gay men “were sexually assaulted by a homosexual pedophile” and that abuse is what pushed them into a lifestyle filled with disease, depression, and alcoholism. He conveniently fails to mention that studies prove that anti-gay sentiment is what pushes many LGBT youth towards drugs and alcohol. In this sense, he and reparative therapists are the problem, not the solution, since they make gay people feel worse about who they are.

These people are shameless and pathetic. They will do and say anything — no matter how many lives are destroyed — to promote their backward and barbaric beliefs.

[h/t Right Wing Watch]