Minnesota youth preacher Bradlee Dean — an ally of Michele Bachmann and ex-gay activist Janet Boynes — sued MSNBC journalist Rachel Maddow in 2011 after Maddow quoted Dean voicing support for nations that execute gay people. Dean lost.

According to Ken Avidor’s Bradlee Dean Info blog, Dean faces a Nov. 13 deadline to pay Maddow $24,625 to cover legal fees for his frivolous lawsuit.

Furthermore, according to CityPages, Dean faces scrutiny from the Internal Revenue Service after an Iowa woman reported his ministry’s dishonest fundraising tactics, which included falsely claiming to be a suicide-prevention organization and securing solicitation space at a Hy-Vee supermarket under false pretenses.

Dean’s financial troubles haven’t stopped him — yet — from rallying conservatives to militarize antigay youths against their gay classmates on his Twitter account and on WND earlier this week.

Dean remains unwelcome among Minnesota Republicans after he accepted their invitation to pray on the Minnesota House floor — and exploited the occasion to call President Barack Obama a non-Christian and to exclude non-Christian lawmakers from his prayer.