Judith  Hartzell is a board member at Truth Ministry in Spartanburg, SC. It is the anti-homo hive of McKrae Game, one of Exodus’ rising stars. Or at least one of the few remaining so-called “ex-gays” who still talks to Alan Chambers after he claimed that “ex-gay” programs don’t do much good for clients. According to Hartzell’s bio:

At present, Hartzell is writing a book on a father of ex-gay ministry, Alan Medinger, and his wife, Willa. Its working title is: For Better, For Worse: the Biography of a Marriage. It tells the story of Alan’s miraculous healing from same-sex attractions at the age of 38, and the subsequent healing of his wife, who had felt betrayed when he told her of his activities during their marriage.

Here is what the late Alan Medinger told The Wall Street Journal on April 21, 1993:

“If an attractive man and an attractive woman enter a room, it is the man I will look at first.”

Hartzell should be a bit more honest and show some integrity by not rewriting history. If Alan was healed, it was probably from whiplash from his pencil neck snapping every time a hot dude entered the room. As for Willa, she’s just plain silly, considering that in the PBS documentary One Nation Under God, she provided lipstick seminars for lesbians.

The Medingers were certainly entertaining.