One of the failings of the LGBT community has been an inability to articulate why we want equality. By not boldly stating who we are and eloquently — and patiently — explaining our goals, challenges, and dreams, we have allowed bigots to define our noble quest as a grab for “special rights.” We have ceded the field to soulless, amoral mercenaries like Frank Schubert, the strategist behind California’s Prop. 8 and current marriage battles on the ballot.

Speaking of which, voters will decide the future of our families tomorrow in four states. In Maine, Minnesota, Maryland, and Washington State our humanity will be put up for a vote — as if our lives are reduced to a popularity contest and we are contestants on American Idol. I think it’s disgusting that my marriage is up for a vote. No one should have the right to decide my basic rights or whether I can protect my family from harm.

How the hell would these people feel if the validity of their marriage was in the hands of voters?

Unfortunately, we live in America — the land of the free — if you are clever enough to persuade people that you are worthy of dignity and equality. So, given the circumstances, we have to educate people and then motivate them to vote for what is right and decent. They won’t do it on their own.

This video is a good place to start. Please send it to any friends or family members in the four states with marriage battles. It is imperative that we win at least one of these fights to deny the mercenaries the talking point that they represent “the will of the people.”

When people know who we are and what we are about — they support equality. Let’s do our part to make sure they are informed when they enter the voting booth. While the process of voting for rights is  unAmerican, maybe the results can showcase the best of this country. But it’s up to year dear readers.