How is Sandy affecting our readers?

I was expecting a lot of wind and rain in Burlington, Vermont. When I woke up, the sun was out and the trees were still. It appears that the clouds are bunching up again, but nothing too alarming.  Our friends to the south, particlarly in New York and New Jersey did not fare as well.

From Washington Post:

New York and New Jersey awoke Tuesday to devastating flooding, power outages and scattered fires left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which cast broad swaths of the Northeast into darkness as it barreled ashore overnight and left at least 18 dead from Connecticut to North Carolina. The powerful storm’s torrential rains and howling winds transformed the streets of Atlantic City into rushing rivers and inundated parts of Lower Manhattan. Swirling water formed white-capped cascades in the Ground Zero construction zone and swamped New York’s financial district. A 13-foot surge of seawater flooded streets, tunnels, parking garages and parts of the electrical system that powers Lower Manhattan, leaving a portion of the city’s storied skyline dark. Seven tunnels and several bridges leading to Manhattan were closed, the city’s crucial subway system was shut down, and a fire destroyed 80 to 100 houses in the flooded Rockaway peninsula of Queens, forcing the rescue of about 25 people from an upstairs apartment. Firefighters were still battling the blazes Tuesday morning.