Louis C.K. was always one of those comedy names I was vaguely aware of but nothing had heretofore compelled me to pay attention.  Apparently I wasn’t missing anything:


Hilarious to whom? I mean, what person with a developed sense of humor found Tracy Morgan’s tirade funny? That was precisely the problem, and what [apparently] better comedians than Louis C.K. immediately understood. I mean, even Chris Rock got it, and apparently Chris is Louis’ former boss.  Maybe Chris could clear up his confusion.


[h/t Igor]

UPDATE:  Commenter Alonzo points out that Louis C.K. indeed does have a history of grasping these kinds of issues, and provided this handy little graphic with a great quote from the comedian:


Which leads me to ask again: What about what happened with Tracy Morgan is so complicated that Louis doesn’t get it? The problem. Was. That the rant. Was not part. Of the comedy. Routine.

I have made the point repeatedly throughout this situation, that this has absolutely nothing to do with the content of comedy routines. I indeed told another commenter directly that I believe that there should be no topic off limits for comedians. The only ground rule is that, if you’re going to be super-offensive, you should also be, you know, FUNNY. This was more of a Michael Richards meltdown situation, i.e. not comedy.