Kevin talked to Radar yesterday through e-mail and expressed his thoughts at this point about Tracy Morgan’s apology and subsequent actions to right the wrongs he committed in his anti-gay tirade onstage in Nashville:

Radar: Tracy Morgan says he plans to travel to Nashville to meet with those he offended. Do you plan to meet with him?

Kevin: You know as much about him coming back to Nashville as I do, so at this point I can’t answer that.

Radar: If you do meet with Morgan, what would you tell him?

Kevin:  That I hope he understands that his words have consequences and there is a difference between joking and ranting.

Radar: Do you accept his apology?

Kevin: He appears to be genuine in his actions to this point past the apology.  His words had meaning that night and the words from his apology have meaning as well.  Hopefully one was not to be taken at face value and the other to be.

Radar: What did you think of NBC’s and 30 Rock star/creator Tina Fey’s response?

Kevin: I appreciate their response and fell that Tina Fey was sincere in that response and am glad to know this is not the Tracy Morgan she knows.

Radar: Do you think NBC should fire Morgan or perhaps sanction him in some way?

Kevin:  I hold no ill will towards him and hope that only going forward he shows a little bit more restraint.  I don’t believe he should lose his job.

Kevin and I are corresponding daily and Truth Wins Out will keep you posted on what comes next in this story.